Our Little Bazul


Caroline & Miguel - Valrico, Florida

1/1/2007 - 11/1/2017

We rescued you from animal services you when you were 3 years old and heartworm positive. You weighed just 16 pounds but you were deemed healthy enough to undergo the arsenic treatment to save your life. You had to spend your first 3 months with us in a crate while the medication did it's work but you never batted an eye. Then you were free! Your charm and huge personality came out immediately.Everyone who met you loved you and you were soon known as "The little charmer". Your mission in life was to dig under fences to explore other yards. What you lacked in size you made up for with that huge personality and loving heart.Last week you suddenly became ill and we knew we had to do what was best for you.We could not watch you suffer even though it broke our hearts to let you go. We will always love you Bazul.You had your paws wrapped around our hearts and it was so ironic to receive your pawprint with your ashes. We will meet again at the "Rainbow Bridge'. Our hearts are broken but you aren't suffering and that's what matters the most sweet baby boy.

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